Little Hearts
Britannia Crunchy Little Heart Biscuit Available in Bengaluru only

Break Some Hearts

Hearts are so typically associated with love and romance, but is it really? Britannia Little Hearts encourages you to break a ‘Little Heart’ and break away from all the clichés. This is the time to try something new and unexpected. After all what is life without a little mischief? Go ahead #BreakSomeHearts and have some fun.

Little Hearts Strawberry

Britannia Little Hearts crunchy biscuit
They call strawberry the symbol of romance… But that all ends today. ‘Cause strawberry’s not having it anymore! Introducing Little hearts Strawberry – where Strawberry gets savage. Where Strawberry isn’t all about that mush, and it’s no longer here to impress your crush. So watch out for the brand new unmushed Strawberry!

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