Everyday Goodness
Britannia Accompaniments or Ghee Available in Bengaluru only

The deliciously sweetened milk mix made from Britannia Dairy Whitener is the perfect partner for daily cup of tea and coffee

Tea is best when made with the goodness of cow’s milk. New & Improved Britannia Dairy Whitener is made from cow’s milk

It is made with improved spray drying technology which gives Britannia Dairy Whitener complete miscibility. It dissolves instantly and evenly in luke warm water

It is a handy partner in your pantry at all time. Just add to hot water and you can whip up a tasty bowl of porridge or surprise your family with a delicious kheer.


Available in pouch refills of various sizes 200g, 400g & 1 Kg and sachets of single serve and double serve.

It is also available in airtight, convenient and reusable jar 400g