Our Philosophy

Our Employer Brand is “MAKE Ti)NGS HAPPEN”, with the intent of bringing alive the new corporate brand “Exciting Goodness” into the lives of Britannians because it is the Britannians who have been making things happen through the 100 year journey. The corporate values of Britannia are:

INVITi)NG, Come home to Britannia

The work environment exudes warm professionalism and is accepting of diverse ideas and thoughts while empowering employees as owners.

IGNITi)NG, Fuel the Hunger

Employees are encouraged to do more with less and strive for excellence in their jobs.

CREATi)NG, Build enriching careers

Britannians have always prided themselves in the quality of work and exposure that one gets at an early stage. Employees talk about the “Enriched Learning” that they get on the job at Britannia and the scope to move internally as potential is valued and bet on.

RESPECTi)NG, Do the right Ting

Britannia is also a socially responsible organization with a strong sustainability agenda towards the community and the environment, and provides platforms to employees to add purpose to their contribution.

Together these 4 Tings sum up the culture at Britannia and guide Britannians to make ‘Tings’ happen all across.

So, everyday, every minute while Britannians are at work, they MAKE Ti)NGS HAPPEN!