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Britannians are known to MAKE Ti)NGS HAPPEN! Our Recognition program "The Big Ting Awards" is a reflection of the various TINGS achieved by Britannians, made possible through the following tenets of the way of life at Britannia:

  1. Our culture is inclusive towards diverse ideas and offers a home like environment
  2. Britannians are encouraged to always think beyond the confines of their roles and foster innovation and resourcefulness
  3. Potential is bet on and Britannians enjoy an enriched learning experience they get on the job, early on in their careers
  4. We value the environment and the community around us and provide platforms to partner in our sustainability agenda and Do the right TING

Join us and get a chance to MAKE Ti)NGS HAPPEN!

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We're Hiring!

Beware of Fraudulent job offers made in the name of Britannia. Please note - Britannia does not take payment from candidates for employment purposes.

Public Notices

It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous agencies are alluring job aspirants with employment opportunities with Britannia Industries Limited/its associate/group companies and extracting money as security deposit, documentation processing fees or training fees.

We would like everyone to be aware that Britannia does not require applicants to pay any amount of monies in any form or for any purpose at any stage of its recruitment and selection process. If any job aspirant comes across any such unauthorized demand, he or she can immediately contact us at: