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Why Britannia?
Statistically speaking, if the total number of biscuit packets sold by Britannia were to be stacked length wise, it would go to the moon and come back, and circle the earth 500 times!

Do we even need a sales pitch now?
For those who are still looking for a reason – Britannia is one of the oldest and most respected food companies in India. We have been awarded the 'Most Trusted Food Brand' many times over. If you are Indian, or even Asian, chances are, you have some fond memory or experience involving one or many of our iconic products. We specialize in creating magic through our products.

Over 100 years of expertise at being awesome

We have over 123 years of experience in the food industry. Despite having evolved tremendously over the years and carrying the proud mantle of being heralded as a household name in the Indian subcontinent, every Britannian will still have the widest smile every time we see someone relish a Britannia product. Our pride and purpose is reinforced every time we are reminded of the joy we bring into people's lives. We live our purpose here.

Global Thought Leadership and Vision with an Indian Heart

We seek knowledge and best practises from across the globe and implement it with a local twist. We have an open, transparent and fun culture that encourages continuous learning and growth. While we are market leaders with our products and people practises, we encourage dynamic innovation, learning and change on a daily basis.

We expect the best from our people and constantly look at new ways to redefine the "box". Our employees contribute directly or indirectly on a daily basis through their work to the growth of the community.

Sharp Business Acumen, Creative Problem Solving and Relationship Building- 3 attributes that maketh a good Britannian.