Our Initiatives

Our work with various NGOs, Midday meal partners and our partnerships with various Government bodies have helped us participate and contribute in addressing the grave issue of child malnutrition.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation in partnership with Narayana Hrudyalaya Charitable Trust is doing a pilot programme to address iron deficiency in adolescents, through multiple interventions including introducing iron fortified ready-to-eat biscuits as a palatable, efficacious and an additional source of iron supplementation.

The programme covers 49 government schools in 2 blocks of Jaipur district, Rajasthan. This programme will cover 13,000 adolescents in the age group of 10 to 19 years.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation is working with the Department of women and child, Government of Karnataka since July 2017 to supplement its efforts to address malnutrition and anemia.

The programme covers 11 blocks in Uttara Kannada district and is benefitting approx. 43,000 children in the age group of 3 to 6 years in 2684 anganwadi centres.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation is working in seven states and one union territory- Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand and Pondicherry - to improve the health and nutrition well-being of communities, especially children, adolescents and women around the areas of manufacturing locations.

They key activities are focussed at the following:

Increasing the awareness on health and hygiene to ensure nutritional well-being of children, adolescent girls and mothers

Conducting health check-up camps

Distribution of nutritional supplements

In 2013, Britannia Nutrition Foundation was selected as the 'nutrition partner' covering 50,000 children across 104 schools, in a first-of-its-kind project in India The major activity that Britannia Nutrition Foundation undertook in 2013 was the launch of Project Suposhan in EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation) schools in Delhi. The program covered 50,000 children across 104 schools. Britannia Nutrition Foundation was selected as the ‘nutrition partner' in this first-of-its-kind project in India, under a municipal corporation's jurisdiction. The program covered assessment of the health & nutritional status (including height, weight and Haemoglobin) of 50,000 children.

Additionally, a key imperative of the program was to provide counseling to the parents of the children on causes & effects of anaemia/ ways to overcome it through proper eating habits and importance of sanitation and hygienic living conditions, both within the home and the community. To this effect, collaterals containing Educational material on the causes/ effects/ management of Anaemia were sent out to the parents of these children.

Supplementation of their daily diets with Iron and multiple micro-nutrient fortified biscuits post de-worming began in September 2013 and ended in February 2014. Anecdotal feedback from teachers clearly pointed to improved daily attendance of children and perceptibly enhanced attention in class.

A random sample of 600 from this population was selected for a field study by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi). Field work for this began in July 2013 with capturing baseline data and conducting the longitudinal study post intervention. The primary objective of the study was to assess improvement in Iron parameters like Haemoglobin and The Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) of the body. The study also threw light on change in anthropometric parameters i.e. height and weight and improvement in cognitive and learning skills of children as a result of better nutrition.

The Senior Citizens Forum works closely with municipal schools to enhance the quality of education. Britannia Nutrition Foundation has partnered with the Forum since 2012 to provide Iron Fortified biscuits free of cost.

This initiative has received positive feedback from the school community in that the attendance of school children has gone up due to better nutrition and also the attention paid in class has significantly improved.

Read more about the Senior Citizen's forums school initiatives here

The work of the Foundation has been a key contributor to the increased saliency of malnutrition and a program on Times Now channel featured its work in this area. http://www.britannia.co.in/bnf/bnf-in-media.html

In 2011, Britannia Nutrition Foundation adopted 2 villages in Shikaripura Taluk of Shimoga district, Karnataka to demonstrate proof of concept through a set of interventions - sanitation, health and immunization initiatives, and nutrition supplementation for children, adolescent girls, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The total number of households in both villages was 305, and the program covered the entire population. One of the villages had a dominant Tribal population. Though the reach in numbers was not statistically significant, the results are indicative of the impact on the entire population. The 1st phase of the program ended in September 2013. In this program, Britannia developed a special nutritional biscuit snack for adolescent girls / pregnant and nursing mothers to address protein-energy & micro nutrient malnutrition. A field study conducted within 4 months of the intervention on school going children and adolescent girls yielded encouraging results with increase in Haemoglobin as well as height and weight parameters. An informal monitoring of impact was also carried out amongst beneficiaries through which it was established that sustained consumption (90- 120 days) of Iron Fortified biscuits does result in an increase in the Haemoglobin count. Educational and demonstration activities were also conducted on allied factors that influence nutrition- like growing a kitchen garden, maintaining a clean kitchen, adding locally available nutritious grams into cooking, using closed toilets, washing hands etc and these have been hugely appreciated by the villagers and the local administrative authorities. Qualitative feedback shows positive behavioural change in habits and attitudes, including the demand for 'pucca' toilets by the people, which are now being constructed in the villages.

The biggest challenge in continuing the program was to find the right local agency resources on the ground to administer the program since the area is a remote one. Discussions are on to see how an initiative like this can be integrated into the ongoing work of the Karnataka Nutrition Mission. Also keeping in mind the need to leverage the brand awareness & usage that has been generated for Britannia biscuits, the Britannia sales team has been briefed to ensure commercial biscuit availability in this area, especially Tiger, on a sustained basis.

Multi-sectoral partnerships foster the development and distribution of appropriate micronutrient-rich foods by combining the know-how and expertise of various stakeholders and have been used in the production of staple foods and products targeted at vulnerable groups.

Iron-fortified biscuits for school-aged children were developed and distributed via a partnership between Britannia Industries, the Naandi Foundation and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition – GAIN.

Navjyoti India Foundation came into being in 1988 as the brain child of Dr. Kiran Bedi. The Organization was created to promote welfare policing.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation distributed Iron Fortified biscuits to school going children (7-9 years) and provided counselling on hygiene and sanitation.