Spreadz for
Every Spread

Britannia is all about giving you what you love and so much more.
With the new flavours of Britannia Cheese Spreadz you don’t need to step out for an international cuisine experience! Mexican, Italian or Indian - we have it all.
Stack up on all the fun flavours and make every meal unique!

Britannia classic cheese


Britannia cheese Spreadz brings back the new and improved Classic flavour! True to it's name, this smooth and creamy Cheese Spreadz will go with everything you eat! Spread it on bread, or eat it directly from the box, it tastes equally awesome.

Britannia asli pepper cheese

Asli Pepper

Every meal needs that extra zing and Asli Pepper is just that. Spice things up with this old time favourite silky smooth spread and make every bite worth it!

Britannia mexican chilli cheese

Mexican chilli

When you have friends over, there is no better way to say 'Ola!' than with a big dollop of Mexican Chilli Cheese Spreadz! On the side or the center piece this all time favorite is sure to create waves.

Britannia roasted garlic cheese

Roasted garlic

Instant Cheesy garlic bread minus the effort! Let the aroma of garlic engulf your every meal. You can now have garlic bread on the side of everything!

Britannia peppy pizza cheese

Peppy Pizza

Pep up your day with the all new Peppy Pizza Cheese Spreadz! It's got tomato, oregano and all things sinfully Italian! In a world where everything tastes like pizza, what more can you ask for?

Britannia 4 pepper tango cheese

Four pepper tango

The new Four Pepper Tango Cheese Spreadz is here to take over your kitchen! It takes Four to tango the Britiannia Cheese Spreadz style! It is a​n​ ultimate combo of red & green bell peppers, black pepper & spicy jalapeno.