Milk Bikis
Britannia Milk Bikis Biscuit Available in Bengaluru only

Kal ke liye Aaj!

Rich with the goodness of milk, Britannia Milk Bikis are crunchy biscuits baked to perfection. Mothers need not worry about their daily breakfast duel with their little tots over milk, as...

4 Milk Bikis biscuits= Energy of a glass of milk!

Milk Bikis Milk Cream

Britannia milk bikis milk cream
For the millions of kids who hate drinking their glass of milk, we have a lip-smacking Milk Bikis Milk Cream variant. And because the energy of 3 biscuits is the same as a whole glass of milk energy, kids don’t have to drink milk. They can eat it too!

The Milk Bikis range