Daily Breads
Britannia Premium Daily Breads Available in Bengaluru only

If Bread isn't exciting enough...EAT BREAD INSTEAD!

Experience the future of Bread with this all new range of 'Daily Breads' from Britannia! Every variant comes with a delightfully indulgent twist. Made from hand picked ingredients to create flavours which are innovative, delectable and elevating... this new range is bread but not quite!

V+ Bread

Britannia V+ Breads
This vitamin enriched, wholewheat Bread is a delicious blend of herbs and spices. Sprinkled generously with bell pepper, leek and oregano, this is bread, but not quite! Enjoy this ‘veggies in disguise’ bread on the go or toast it with garlic butter for a quick snack or enjoy it toasted with an omelette. You could also top it with mozzarella for the perfect gourmet breadzza!